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IQon values its employees by providing many opportunities for them to learn, grow and further their careers whilst becoming the best that they can be.

We provide an equal opportunity workplace, which offers flexible working arrangements, competitive remuneration, extensive training and challenging opportunities.

We provide our employees with a welcoming workplace where opinions and thoughts are welcomed as part of our team culture.  We also ensure that the workplace is safe, secure and enjoyable for all employees.

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Our team has worked with many of the region’s top government and institutional organisations over the last 28 years. Combined we have over 100 years’ experience that will ensure our clients, staff and stakeholder achieve agreed outcomes.

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Our Approach

At IQon, our top down culture of Leadership, Reliability and Expertise ensures that our team know what is required. We lead our teams through pro-active consultation along the path and correct performances by all participants as required to achieve the Safe, Quality Production standards set for our projects.