Canberra Grammar

Performing Arts Centre

Contract Value: $4.0m

The Company was appointed as project and construction managers for the development of a Performing Arts Centre for the Canberra Grammar School.

An important aspect of this project was the acoustics of the theatre, which due to a series of inspections and tests and the resulting lack of penetration of external noise has proven to be very successful.  Throughout the facility there is a high standard of theatre equipment and theatre technology including a control room with the necessary data and control equipment to coordinate sound and lighting, including the associated communication facility for all acting and stage management activities.



The theatre air conditioning system is an air displacement system provided by an air plenum under the theatre seating which “delivers” air into the auditorium via purpose made air boots/outlets which form part of each seat.  This system provides substantial operational cost savings as well as a more comfortable and controlled environment.

Part of the design concept of this project was to incorporate the old maintenance facility with the new theatre complex thus reducing costs and maximising the use of the school’s existing facilities and assets.  Although handled separately, the construction of a new maintenance facility was followed by the gutting and reconstruction together with extensions to the original maintenance facility to provide a dance and movement studio and change room facilities, class rooms, technology room, staff room and locker rooms.